Kitchen Sink - Cube

The Cube Kitchen Sink is the smaller of our sinks and is available in a variety of colours. Current lead time is 4 weeks once the order has been placed by one of our Retailers.

Measures at 500mm x 500mm

Height 250mm

Internal Depth 220mm


Kitchen sink - box

Our Cube sink is slightly larger than the Box, both sinks can be used together to create a larger work area. They can be undermounted or open faced like the Belfast Style sink.

Measures 600mm x 500mm

Height 250mm

Internal Depth 220mm


Ark Basin

The Ark is our newest addition to the Basin range. This is again available in a variety of colours and the current lead time is 4 weeks.

Measures 592mm x 372mm

Height 112mm

Olive (3).jpg

Round Basin

The Round Basin has been our most popular as it is ideal in a small bathroom/cloakroom or looks stunning as a pair for a “His & Hers” setting. We have the majority of colours in stock.

Measures 422mm Diameter

Depth 140mm

Peach (5).jpg

Rectangle Basin

Our Rectangle design has a tapered base to ensure no standing water is left in this stylish Basin. Suitable for a bathroom or s statement piece in a cloakroom.

Measures 538mm x 360mm

Height 150mm


Mini Cube Basin

This is a mini version of our Kitchen sink that is suitable for a small cloakroom and still has a practical depth

Measures 350mm x 350mm

Height 147mm

Mini Rectangle.jpg

Mini Rectangle Basin

This is a Mini version of our very popular Rectangle Basin. This Basin is again ideal for a small cloakroom.

Measures 400mm x 300mm

Height 145mm


Duplex Basin

This Basin is a twin Rectangle with a handy storage compartment in between, you can have a choice of colours or materials to give the lid a contrasting colour.

Measures 1193mm x 360mm

Height 150mm